Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Tag

12 Days of Christmas

1. Embarrassing Moment: I was on a date in high school and was at his parents house and I got sick and threw up all up his stairs and all over their bathroom.
2. Best Friends:Bret, my sisters,and my mom.
3. Things I Buy Regularly: pot pies and oreo's
4. Places I want to go: anywhere warm
5. Goals for the upcoming year: organize my house and loose a few pounds
6. Things people don't know about me:I hate to do dishes, and yard work.
7. Things I would never say:I don't really say swear words
8. Things I love about the Christmas season:Seeing how excited my kids get,all the good food,and the chirstmas lights.
9. Things I say to my kids:I love you to the moon and back. Eugene and Regina come here, and Seriously.
10. Things I do a lot: Try to clean my house,talk on the phone, play with my kids.
11. Things I would rather not live without: My family, My Friends, FOOD and shopping.
I tag Breezee, Chanel, Melanie and Hollie.


Petersen Kids said...

Oohhh, sorry about throwing up on a dates stairs, that is a little embarrassing. You can pull it off though!
Pot pies and Oreos... a good combo!

The Christensen's said...

Sad about the throw up...I think that takes the cake for sure! And um you don't need to loose a few little skinny minny!

Beau, Mel, Laila and Cain!!!! said...

Hilarious about the throw up! That might be one of my fav Korie stories! Ps you are sooo skinny, I'd give anything to be your size!