Sunday, August 23, 2009


Where has it gone! I tried to think back to what we have. We went to California, seems like it was so long ago but that was in June. We went to Seven Peaks with my Family and had lots of fun, we went and stayed with my cousin Breezee we had lots of fun, we took the kids to Kawabunga Bay and ate good food. Taylan took swimming lessons and really liked them and did really good. She loved jumping off the diving board.

She is a pretty good swimmer now. But she should be, because we have gone swimming quite a bit we love the new Castle Dale pool.
The kids also rode there bikes in the parade and loved playing on the bouncy slides at the park.

We also have went camping a few times but not as much as we did last year. I hope we can still go a few more times before it gets too cold.
Me and my little sister Lacie went to Dancing under the Stars in Orem. Any of you guys that are fans of so you think you can dance know Brandon and Randi and Gev they all danced and were amazing, we had so much fun. They had dancers from center stage dance studio and they were so awesome.


Brett and Chanel Giles Family said...

A new post!!!! Where did summer go? I didn't see a trip to tabby in the mix though???? just kidding

Olsen_Family said...

I too am wondering where the summer went. It went by too fast. It does look like you got some good swimming in. I love the picture of Ryds and Taylan in their goggles, and like you I love the CD pool.