Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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This is hard for me because I have no OCD with germs or cleaning (Stormee& Bandi).

1. I can NOT tell Taylan NO. She usually gets and does what ever she wants. It's bad I know, but I just can't do it. Does that mean she's spoiled?

2. I can't stand when every light is on in the house. I go around turning them off and 5 seconds later they are on again. I don't think Bret knows how to use a light switch.

3.I think about food all day long. I go to bed thinking what I am going to have for Breakfast after breakfast whats for lunch and dinner and snacks. I really enjoy food.

4. I cannot control my laughter. If I see or hear someone laugh I cannot control myself even if it is at the worst time or at something sad, or even singing in sacrament I laugh at cant stop. It's bad.

5.I don't like to be busy. If I have more than 2 things going on in a day I am stressed out.

6. I love scroungy clothes( sweats and T-shirts). Those that see me on a regular basis know that is what I am wearing almost everyday. Weird thing is I really like buying real clothes and usually buy me new clothes a couple times a month.

I tag Hollie and Chanel.


Bandi Olsen said...

Kor, the laughter one made me laugh! That is so true. The sweats and t-shirts one was funny also. I'm the same, except when I go to buy me some 'nice' clothes, I come out with more way cute sweats! You forgot that you like to laugh when people get hurt!

Petersen Kids said...

Bandi is right. The laughing one is funny AND true! When I read that one I could hear your cute little laugh in my head! Loved it!

stormee said...

I typed the longest comment and now its gone? Anyway, I'm sure it was hilarious, but I don't remember what it said! So I think we all share the "scroungy" gene and I am thankful for it. I need to get an appt so I can get to know you better.

Sitterud Family said...

Oh the good ol' sweats! I literally never wear good clothes. I have to buy new sweats in the winter because I cut them all off in the summer! You would have died time in the college ward, this guy got up to bear his testimony and he broke out in 'I need thee every hour' it was crazy and I still laugh to this day when I think about it!

The Christman's said...

There is no shame in sweats & a t-shirt. If only we could dress this way for church. Sunday mornings would be much easier! :)

Hollie said...

I refuse to air my dirty laundry so stop tagging me!

The Christensen's said...

That was fun to learn about you...I agree with the too many things to do...2 is a good number! are you doing the feild trip on Wednesday? If so I will see you there!